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Stephanie suffered from psoriasis from a young age then later developed acne in her teens which continued into her early 20's. She went through many products to try and fix both issues but these often contained harsh chemicals and only irritated her skin or made the condition worse. 

In her desperate search to find a solution, she began to seek out alternatives that were made with natural ingredients and slowly started to replace her makeup, skincare and haircare products with cleaner substitutes.

Over the years, Stephanie has discovered more and more companies creating beautiful natural products that are also environmentally friendly and cruelty free. She believes there is still a stigma around using these products as some consider them to be a bit "hippie" or they simply don't believe the products will work as well as their mainstream versions.

Millett Natural was created to share the beauty of natural makeup and skincare products and to encourage more people to make the switch and consider their impact on the environment.

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